“Of all the races, there is no better stage for heroism than a marathon.”

-George Sheehan

“I would love for everybody in this country to run one marathon a year.”

– Gary Muhrcke

“The marathon. How an average runner becomes more than average.”

-New Balance





Motivation Marathon

Running Festival in October 2021 at Bedford Autodrome

Virgin London Marathon allow you to use the complete day to cover the marathon distance, a lot of runners last year, ran loops of their neighbourhoods to achieve the full distance, stopping at their own homes, for WC, Drink & Food support stops – including family support.

The aim of Motivation Marathon is to offer this support, encouragement, race day experience, personal achievement all in one place, on a closed road circuit.

BFT Finisher

5KM Finisher

10KM Finisher

Relay Finisher

Half Marathon

Full Marathon

Ultra Finisher

The track configuration allows a wonderful variety of opportunities to have an amazing running experience.

Chip Timing

Water stations

Gel stations

Closed Road Circuit

Flat & Smooth surface

Event Atmosphere

Personal Achievement

The 100 Club



CF Trust

Virtual Series

Virtual Series for ALL October Marathon Runners, a series of monthly distances to tick off, along your journey

The concept is simple, it is a virtual series of running distances to encourage you through the training schedule to achieve a successful and enjoyable Marathon. With monthly goals to achieve, irrespective of your ability, and they can be completed at anytime, on your training journey to marathon success.

With age group leader boards and spot prizes along the way. So irrespective of your speed, age or ability we have a supportive package to guide you to race day success.

Monthly Strava group, join the group, complete the distance and receive your medal!


May 2021


June 2021

Half Marathon

July 2021

16 miles

August 2021

20 miles

September 2021


October 2021

Once the series is complete, the medals interlock and form 1 larger medal.

Military Fitness Test

1.5 mile squadded warm up
1.5 mile Best Individual Effort

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